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Brewfest: I Hear Upstate New York is Lovely This Time of Year

Who needs Oktoberfest in Munich when you can party during the ass cold of winter in Syracuse, New York? Cuse: The only place in the US with less sunshine than Binghamton. A town usually known for having a University with great sports programs which developed some of the greatest running backs in college history such as Floyd Little, Heisman winner Ernie Davis, and the NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown, but this town has another little gem known as Brewfest.

Brokeback Bison

It was April 2011, and we decided to head to a typical spring break destination, CANCUN South Dakota. Leave your sunscreen and Tevas at home for this trip is not for the faint-hearted. I left Minneapolis, where I was currently living, at 5pm and picked Brian up at the Sioux Falls airport around 10pm where he flew into from Los Angeles. We pressed on to Rapid Falls that night through a snowstorm. Like the Donner party we fed off each other for survival; kicking jokes back and forth like a hacky sac at a Phish show just trying to keep the spirits high, and man were we successful.

Hello World

Hello world… We are the Traveling Yokels. Two dudes who simply love to travel, and don’t mind getting dirty in the process. Many years ago Brian and I were bit by a strange bug. At first we thought it was malaria, but we later found out that the shaking chills were simply overexcitement, and we were just bit by the travel bug. Mixing it up with locals and travelers alike in search of a solid trip.